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The Five Star Fireworks Co. provides professional firework displays throughout Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois. We specialize in small local events to very large computer fired and choreographed musical shows incorporating the latest in professional firing systems. With fireworks being our only business, we are committed to fireworks and our customers year round. The Five Star Fireworks Co. is a direct importer of Class C consumer fireworks and Class B professional fireworks.

The Five Star Fireworks Co. can customize any display to match your event and budget. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally to review your expectations and design a show that is customized to your occasion. We don't just shot fireworks; let us turn your display into an extravaganza.

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As you evaluate Five Star Fireworks Co. consider the following; we have the highest trained pryo-technicians in the industry and we have earned an outstanding reputation throughout the country. We have an unblemished safety record, sophisticated equipment and the latest in professional firing systems. Only the highest quality product ever seen is incorporated into our displays. We maintain, without question, Five Million dollar liability insurance along with workers compensation insurance covering pyro-technicians during setup and firing of displays. Five Star Fireworks Co. also meets all Department of Transportation requirements and carries Five Million dollars in liability insurance for trucks and drivers. Our storage magazines are B.A.T.F. approved and located in Northern and Southern Wisconsin.

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Casey G. Ludwig
President/CEO of Five Star Fireworks Co.

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