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Our History
The concept of FIVE STAR FIREWORKS originated early in Casey Ludwig's career. In 1997 FIVE STAR FIREWORKS provided one of the best Pyrotechnic displays ever presented in Townsend Wisconsin. Since that time he has continued to provide Townsend with annual displays, eclipsing each event with new effects, more fireworks and changing style. With the encouragement of associates and the community, Casey set a goal to become the best firework display company in Wisconsin. He immediately established offices, a shop and storage facilities to help facilitate his goal.

In early 2003 Len Hadovski joined FIVE STAR FIREWORKS, bringing more than ten years of pyrotechnic experience to the firm. With the same passion for firework entertainment as Casey, Len established Offices, a shop and storage facilities in Oconomowoc Wisconsin. This professional combination has helped to maintain the company's rapid expansion and respect throughout the industry, servicing over 150 customers annually.

Both Casey and Len have a great passion for pyrotechnics and concentrate their efforts on making FIVE STAR FIREWORKS the best. They believe this effort is best achieved by developing relationships, with their customers, which they can count on.

Though each is available to assist any client throughout the country, Casey handles day-to-day activities in Northern and North Central Wisconsin and Michigan. Len handles South Central and Southern Wisconsin as well as Illinois.

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